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Sunday, 7 June 2015


FOCIE-Kenya is a non-profit organization registered under the ministry of labour, social security and services in Kasarani sub county, Nairobi County. It was founded late October 2014 by a group of students from Kenyatta University who had developed a passion towards giving back to the community through outreach services which are often conducted in the nearby city of Nairobi. It is through this outreach services that they observed the hostile environment that children in some children homes, street children, orphans, children from poor families and children with disabilities lived in. they observed that these group of children are neglected by society, they are also ill-treated by the local county council and among others are; they live in abject poverty where they lack food, most of them turn out to be street beggars and they are prone to harsh insecure environment.
It is on this basis that the organization was initiated to work with community particularly orphans and other vulnerable groups of children, to do all they can to improve the status of the destitute population to appreciate the vitally importance need to empower them, sensitize the community members against injustices done to these groups of children so that they can lead a decent and quality livelihood free from discrimination, torture, poverty and neglect by the society. 

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